Activities for Senior Citizens in Tampa, Florida

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According to the Senior Journal, the state of Florida contains the highest percentage of seniors at 17 percent of the population as of 2004. The Tampa area though offers various clubs and activities geared directly for senior citizens in the area.

The Tampa Bay Heroing Club

Seniors can contribute to a cause and become a hero at the Tampa Bay Heroing Club. Heroing, according to the club, means "taking action to do good and inspire others." The club aims to make Tampa a better place for all residents and visitors. Participation includes in-person and online meetings with other members. Membership in the club also includes participating in volunteer activities with local organizations, planning events and participating in challenges.

Barksdale Senior Center

The Barksdale Senior Center operates activities year round designed for senior citizens. The minimum age to participate in any activity at Barksdale is 50. Though classes are free, members must provide their own supplies for athletic, art and music classes. Specific classes include quilting, line dancing, aerobics, Spanish club and ballroom dancing. Barksdale also offers social gaming clubs free of charge for bingo, bridge, cards and table games.

Life Enrichment Center

The Life Enrichment Center serves Tampa residents of the baby boom generation and beyond. The nonprofit organization provides more than 40 courses to promote the emotional, social and physical wellness of Tampa senior citizens. The classes are scheduled throughout the day from morning to evening. Activities include introduction to computers, low-impact exercise, tai chi, knitting, crochet and the Forever Moving Dance Project. The center also showcases the artwork of its members at the onsite art gallery open to the public weekdays.

Friends of Tampa Recreation

Friends of Tampa Recreation opened in 1988. The organization helps fund Tampa area recreational activities for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. The money raised by the group directly supports the community through programs for inner city kids, field trips for the disabled and equipment for community centers. Friends of Tampa Recreation hosts various fundraisers throughout the year including concerts, golf tournaments and holiday celebrations. Volunteer your time for the cause and directly impact your community or attend any of the scheduled events to support the endeavors of the organization.