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Concealable nose rings are one option for retaining a piercing without wearing noticeable jewelry. Concealing body piercings is a concern, especially in the workplace. There are some specific things you should consider before buying or wearing a concealable nose ring, such as whether or not it will sufficiently hide your piercing.


Concealable nose rings, also known as nose or nostril-piercing retainers, are available in a few different styles. There are clear and skin-colored retainers. Flesh tone retainers can be difficult to find, especially if you have very dark skin. Retainers can be screws--the type that twist into your piercing--or bones, the type that slide straight into your piercing. Most nostril retainers are made from lucite, acrylic or glass.


The most basic function of a concealable nose ring or piercing retainer is to replace a regular nose ring, nose bone or nose screw. Most people use concealable nose rings to keep their piercing from closing in circumstances in which they cannot wear regular body jewelry, such as work or a special occasion. Concealable nose rings can be worn for long periods, but if it is made from a flexible material, your piercing may shrink over time.


The average size for a nostril piercing is 18 gauge. Sometimes nostril piercings are 20 gauge, but they're harder to find jewelry for. Most body jewelry dealers sell concealable nose rings in 18 gauge only. There is more variety in the length of nose rings. Nose screws are typically between 6 and 8 mm in length. Nose bones range from 6 to 10 mm. The length is a matter of comfort more than anything else.


A concealable nose ring will allow you to keep your piercing without wearing obvious jewelry. It retains the gauge of your piercing so jewelry will fit when you put it back in. Concealable nose rings are inexpensive, so they can be replaced easily if lost. A concealable nose ring can look much more professional than just a small nose bone.


Concealable nose rings are noticeable, but usually only when someone is close to you. If you work in customer service, a concealable nose ring might not be enough to pass your dress code. Makeup may provide better coverage if you are being photographed or work closely with people. If your piercing is new, removing jewelry to put in a retainer can damage the piercing, cause shrinkage or even scar tissue. Do not assume that you can get pierced Friday and start wearing a retainer daily on Monday.


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