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A Touch of Texture: 7 Wardrobe Ideas

Incorporate texture into your outfit with fur.
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It's easy to sink into a clothing rut. You know the drill: Throw on Tuesday's go-to outfit, slip on shoes, comb hair, apply mascara and head out the door. It's the same routine from yesterday, last week and even last month. If your outfits have begun to feel a little uninspired, consider adding a touch of texture. Doing so will rejuvenate your inner fashionista and make you feel stylish to boot.

Incorporate texture into your outfit with fur.
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"One of our favorite textures is sequins," says Amanda Judge, head designer at Untamed Petals. She suggests pairing sequins with a casual pair of jeans to "instantly take your outfit from simple, to glam." Try a camisole with sequin detailing, a sequin-adorned clutch or even a sequined head wrap, as pictured.

Untamed Petals


You don't have to be biker -- or remotely gritty -- to wear and look good in leather. Leather comes in myriad colors, textures and styles, so explore them all. Soft and buttery leathers add a feminine touch while super shiny leather is an edgier choice. Nod to your inner rockstar with distressed and dyed leather. To really play with texture, pair your leather with an animal print, as reality TV star Kim Kardashian does here.

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Studs are another simple way to integrate texture, edge and oomph into your outfit. You can add studs to pretty much anything -- including your handbag, boots, belts, cardigans and jeans. For example, pair them with a leather ensemble and a carefree, rocker-inspired coiffure. Alternatively, play down the edginess with softer details. Think delicate fabrics, such as lace or thin cotton, and muted colors from the pastel family.

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"For a more everyday look, go for a more interesting texture with a velvet scarf," suggests Judge, whose Eternity Scarf is pictured. "The velvet scarf is a great way to add a pop of color to your look, plus it’s so soft and luxurious you won’t want to take it off." Velvet can also make a positive impression in larger doses. Try a dark-hued, velvet dress paired with tights and ankle boots.

Untamed Petals


Donning lace is an easy way to add soft, feminine texture to any outfit. Dresses crafted completely from lace look lovely when paired with opaque tights and a ballet flat or kitten heel. If you only want to showcase a teeny bit of lace, find a shirt or dress with a lace collar or lace-lined cap sleeves, as pictured. You can also wear your lace as an accessory, such as lace-inspired leggings or a lace scarf.

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"Feathers are a perfect way to incorporate texture into any ensemble," says Dakota Hills, who founded Fine Featherheads in 2010. Feathers are best incorporated into your outfit by an accessory or accent. For example, try feather earrings or a necklace for an earthy vibe. Alternatively, attach a feather clip or charm to your purse, belt or boots. Feathers also add a splash of color and unexpected texture to your hair.

Fine Featherheads


To add sophisticated and refined texture to your wardrobe, invest in fur apparel and accessories. Try a fur-lined winter hat, a fur-trimmed coat, or a fur poncho, cape or vest. Even the tiniest hint of fur -- be it faux or real -- adds depth (and warmth) to your outfit.

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