5 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas for Mother's Day

5 Gift Wrap Ideas for Mother's Day

When done right, the way a gift is wrapped can add personalization, panache and punches of style and color. Here are five creative packaging ideas for Mother's Day or other memorable occasions. These are so beautiful, moms and grandmothers might not even want to open their presents!

Modular Picture Wrap

Print out a graphic that will cover the boxes

For this first idea, an image is broken up into sections to cover multiple smaller gift boxes. This works best with at least three boxes of equal size. Line the boxes up, and measure the dimensions to cover the sides of the boxes. Then print out a graphic, like the Eiffel Tower in the example, that matches those dimensions.

Adhere the cut-up images to the boxes

Wrap the individual boxes in neutral-colored paper so it does not distract from the graphic. Cut the graphic image into sections that will fit onto the sides of the boxes. Adhere the images on the boxes with a glue stick or spray adhesive. Place the images on the sides where the wrapping paper is smooth (i.e. without flaps) so pictures go on flat.

Tie twine around the boxes

Keep the boxes – and the resulting triptych – together by tying some string or twine around them. Tie a bow at the top, along with an embellishment like a vintage key for a fun accent. This gift wrap is a work of art.

Doily and Pearls Gift Wrap

Adhere paper doilies to box

Begin by wrapping the present in solid color paper. Then take paper doilies that are the same width as the gift and adhere them to the paper with either a glue stick or a spray adhesive. If the doily is larger than the box, trim it with scissors. Plan on applying at least two doilies to the box, both on top and on the bottom.

Wrap plastic pearls around the gift

Plastic pearls are available in the wedding supply aisle of crafts stores. Mardi Gras beads, which you can purchase at party stores, are also a good alternative. Tie the string of beads around the gift, and use a glue gun to hold the beads at various points so they stay in position.

Attach floral embellishments

Hot glue some floral embellishments to the top of the gift to complete the look. You can purchase floral embellishments in the scrapbooking section of crafts stores. Recipients will certainly be charmed by this design!

Sewing Pattern Gift Wrap

Sewing-inspired gift wrapping

This gift wrap idea uses a sewing pattern and other sewing accessories for a vintage, crafty feel. Tip: Look out for old sewing patterns and thread spools at garage sales and flea markets.

Wrap the box with the sewing pattern

Because sewing patterns are sheer, cover the gift box first in brown butcher paper, or even a brown grocery bag turned inside out. Also, individual pieces of sewing patterns are not necessarily wide enough to cover your box, so it is okay to work in sections. Just cut pieces that fit the sides, and adhere them with double sided tape. Try to select the portions of the sewing pattern that have writing on them, as some parts of the sewing pattern have no printing at all.

Decorate the box with measuring tape and spools

Tie a measuring tape around the middle of the box for the ribbon. And instead of a bow, hot glue some spools of thread to the top of the box. Mom will think this gift wrap idea is "sew" adorable.

Photo Frame Gift Wrap

Cut out square windows to fit on the box

Turn your present into a colorful picture frame. First wrap the gift in some paper of your choice. Using an X-Acto knife and ruler, cut a piece of scrapbooking card stock so it is the same size as the gift box. Cut a window in this card stock so there is about a one-inch border. Cut a second piece of scrapbooking card stock, in a contrasting color, that is about a half-inch smaller than the first piece. Again, cut a window in this piece so there is a one-inch border.

Stack the frame sections on the box

Layer the larger window on top of the smaller window, attaching the two pieces with double-sided tape. Use the double-sided tape to adhere this frame to the box, but only on the left side, right side, and bottom. You want to keep the top edge open to slide in a photo.

Add a bow and insert a photo

Use some ribbon to tie a bow and hot glue it to the top of the frame. Then insert your photo in the frame. The recipient of this gift will be able to save the frame even when the gift is opened.

Burlap and Monogram Gift Wrap

Wrap your box in burlap

Monograms and burlap are all the rage, and this gift wrap idea combines these two favorites. First, wrap your gift box in a piece of burlap. Hot glue the edges together.

Cut out the monogram

Print out a large letter on your printer, and use this letter as a stencil to cut out your monogram. Place the stencil on top of a piece of scrapbooking card stock, trace the letter with a pen while pressing down hard, and then cut the outline.

Layer the monogram on the box

Adhere the monogram to a rectangular piece of card stock with foam mounting tape. The foam tape is thick, so it raises the monogram slightly above the card stock beneath it, for a three-dimensional look. Then hot glue this section to the burlap-wrapped box. For the rectangular piece of card stock, I found some corrugated paper at the crafts store, but you can select any type of card stock, as long as it contrasts in color with the monogram.

Add ribbon and floral embellishments

Hot glue a ribbon lengthwise around the box, and tuck the ends under the card stock. Then hot glue some floral embellishments around the box for a colorful, yet elegant monogrammed gift.

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