Boxing Camps for Kids

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There are a variety of boxing camps for kids. They all teach kids the fundamentals of boxing, but the camps also try to impart life lessons. The camps emphasize the patience, drive and determination you need to become a talented boxer, according to PBS Kids. The camps also cover the mental and strategic nature of the sport, as well as the positive attributes of confidence, pride and fitness you can derive from boxing.

Four-Day Camp

Larry Johnson, a housing inspector in Maryland, started the Four-Day Ultimate Boxing and Boot Camp to teach kids boxing skills and life skills. A boxer and kickboxer for about 20 years, Johnson uses vacation time from his job to teach 7- to 15-year-olds the fundamentals of the sport and more. The kids run, do exercises and learn boxing skills. "Every kid is not going to be a boxer," Johnson says. "But they can grab something from the program -- discipline, determination or simply how to jump rope."

After-School Camp

Former Olympic gold medalist and two-time world champion Frank Tate runs the camp at Hank's Gym in Houston. One of the camp's mottoes is "Stop the Bullying." The website for the camp emphasizes that boxing is not about fighting or hurting others. Instead, it is focused on the ability to protect yourself by teaching basic skills. Kids in the camp jump rope, work the speed bag and receive nutritional tips. Tate says boxing can teach self-esteem, discipline and respect toward other people. He also refers to studies that indicate kids with a positive image treat other kids well and perform better in school.

Eight- to 12-Week Camp

Harry Otto's Boxing Camps for Juniors in New York include boxing lessons and other activities. Mountain biking, rock climbing, Rollerblading offer a change of pace for the kids. Information about nutrition, disease and injury prevention are regular features of the camp. Troubled kids who need a "different approach" are particularly welcome at Otto's camps. The camp says, "Whether it's learning a back handspring, a judo throw, how to jump rope and look like a pro -- everyone learns something!"

Day Camps

The YMCA has always been a huge promoter of kids' activity. Fitness and self-expression are encouraged while the kids enjoy the attention of the trained staff and instructors. Many YMCAs offer "Sports Camps" where boxing is one of the many disciplines offered to kids in the nine to 14 age range. Kids will learn the basics of boxing along with what constitutes good sportsmanship