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Summer Camp Water Games

Boy getting ready to throw water balloon.
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Picking the right outdoor camp activities such as water games can mean the difference between having hours of fun in the sun or seeking shelter inside from the heat. As a camp counselor or volunteer, water games are one of the best ways to keep kids excited, engaged and cooled off, and they are also an excellent way to entertain larger groups of children while teaching them team-building skills. You may want to have kids wear swim clothes for these games.

Liquid Limbo

Liquid Limbo is a great pick for younger children and only involves the participation of one or two adults. Use the stream of a hose instead of a pole and hold it in a way that it creates an arch for children to ‘limbo’ under. Turn on some fun music and hold a hose high, lowering each time all of the children have been underneath for a round. Children who don’t get wet by the hose stream can get back in line and continue to try staying dry until the winner remains! You can play this game with only one child or many children.

Sponge Relay

A sponge relay is perfect for elementary kids and middle-schoolers, as it is a fun teamwork activity that isn’t overly strenuous. Adults can divide children into two or more teams and place a bucket of water and a sponge in front of each team. Supervisors should place an empty bucket in a straight line 50 feet away from each full bucket of water that has been marked to indicate a fill-line. Children will soak up as much water from one bucket as they can with their sponge and then run and squeeze it into the bucket they have to fill. They have to run the sponge back to their line when finished squeezing out the sponge. The first team to fill the empty bucket to the fill-line wins.

Water Balloon Toss

This game requires a minimum of two children to play, but it is fun in larger groups of elementary and middle school children. Adults should prepare one water balloon for every pair of children, and children should stand facing each other in two lines several feet apart. Pairs will toss the water balloon to each other; both children should take a step back after every toss. The team who breaks their water balloon last wins.

Duck Duck Splash

Duck Duck Splash is most fun in a group of young children. Supervisors will fill a small bucket with water, and children will sit in a circle facing one another. One child will stand and pat other children on the head, saying "duck" every time he or she touches the head of a child that will not be splashed with water. The child will yell "goose" when he or she picks a child to splash. The splashed child will then get up and chase the one who splashed the water. The objective is for the "splasher" to sit down in the "splashee’s" seat before the "splashee" can catch him or her. The splashed child will be the next person to call out "Duck Duck Splash."

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