JumpSport Vs. Skywalker Trampolines

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JumpSport and Skywalker both make trampolines in a variety of sizes, shapes and purposes. According to their mission statement, JumpSport started out as a company that provides fun and safe fitness for the family through jumping. They now manufacture backyard trampolines, fitness trampolines, kids trampolines, and a variety of accessories. Skywalker also makes a variety of trampolines, although their focus is on backyard trampolines, child trampolines, and trampoline accessories. They have several fitness trampolines, but do not manufacture an entire line.

JumpSport Fitness Trampolines

Fitness trampolines are small rebounders that fit inside your home. You can do a variety of cardio and body-weight exercises on these to increase your physical fitness. JumpSport has three separate series of fitness trampolines. The most basic is the 200 series, specifically for beginning home jumpers. There are four different trampolines in this series of slightly different sizes. These are their cheapest trampolines and come with a workout video. The 300 series was created originally for commercial use, with longer elastic cords that can be adjusted for tension. There are three different models in this series, all slightly different sizes, and they all come with a workout video. The last and most expensive series is the Pro series, which is made with commercial level parts for extended durability.

Skywalker Fitness Trampolines

Skywalker does not create an entire line of fitness trampolines, but they do have several to choose from. They have a circle mini rebounder and a square. The square has a handle on one side for better balancing. They also have a line of mini trampolines designed for kids. Their trampolines are generally cheaper than JumpSport, but are not designed specifically for fitness. Thus, they do not have the same durability level and are not as adjustable.

JumpSport Backyard Trampolines

JumpSport makes three lines of backyard trampolines. The Classic line is the most basic and cheapest. There are five round trampolines and one rectangle trampoline to choose from. There is an optional safety net to place around the trampoline, available separately. The Elite line is four circle trampolines of varying sizes that come with the safety net. These trampolines have extra padding and a longer warranty than the Classic line. Finally, the AlleyOOP trampolines also come with a safety net, and are made with more durable, bouncy material for a stronger, safer trampoline. There are eight sizes and shapes to choose from, and a lifetime warranty.

Skywalker Backyard Trampolines

Skywalker makes a large selection of backyard trampolines that are slightly cheaper than JumpSport's trampolines. They have 16 different sizes and shapes to choose from, including circles, ovals, rectangles and squares. Their trampolines all come with a safety net and some come with game accessories such as a basketball hoop, volleyball net, or toss games.