24-Hour Movie Theaters in Chicago, Illiniois

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In this age where movies can be downloaded from the Internet or watched on DVDs, movie theater owners play up their advantages in order to remain competitive. Some improve their food and services. Others serve food while a handful began to open 24-hours for special occasions just to accommodate more moviegoers. In Chicago, Illinois alone, there are four movie theaters that sometimes open their doors for 24 hours.

Music Box Theater

For roughly two decades, the music box theatre (musicboxtheatre.com) has been the place to go if you’re interested in foreign and independent films, although they also show recently-released films. Exuding charm and passion in its architectural style alone, the theater has been a favorite of numerous moviegoers. Located in Southport Avenue, Chicago, the movie theater presents a 24-hour horror movie marathon called “The Music Box Massacre.”

Facets Multimedia Theater

Facets Multimedia Theater (facets.org) aims to preserve the appreciation, passion and love for classic, foreign and independent films not only in adults but also in children. The movie theater showcases films from old times and various film festivals from independent and foreign filmmakers.

Eden Supportive Living Movie Theater

The Eden supportive living (edensupportiveliving.com) is not exactly a movie theater but a community that aims to provide a peaceful, relaxing yet fun place to live in for people with disabilities from ages 24-69. This housing environment is a good place to watch a movie as it is open for 24-hours if you’re a resident. It is even open to private screenings by request. It's located on West Gordon Terrace, Chicago.

AMC Theaters

The AMC Theaters chain hosts a Best Picture Showcase, which is an annual 24-hour film festival that shows all the Academy Award nominees for Best Picture. The Showcase is presented in the nation's largest cities, including Chicago.