Children's Games for Large Groups

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If you are ever responsible for entertaining a large group of kids, plan on keeping the children busy to maintain control. Games for large groups can be a learning experience for children as they cooperate and work together to achieve a common goal. Teach the kids some new games the next time you are responsible for a large group for fun and a little extra knowledge.

String Treasure Hunt

An interesting twist on the traditional treasure hunt uses large balls of yarn to guide the group to the treasure waiting at the end. Divide your group into two teams, equal in age and size. Before the event begins, buy two large balls of different colored yarn. Tie the yarn to a tree or other solid object and begin winding the yarn all over your yard, house and garage. Go around trees, over slides and under chairs. Start the teams at the tied end of the yard and tell them to find the treasure. The team that finds the end of the yarn and the waiting treasure first wins an extra prize.

Balloon Towers

Children will enjoy building balloon towers and competing with other teams to see which tower is the tallest and sturdiest. Before the event, blow up 50 balloons per six- to eight-person team. Divide the group into teams. Give each team a garbage bag full of balloons and a roll of masking tape. On your call, all the teams begin taping the balloons together to form a tower. Give the teams 15 to 20 minutes to complete the task. Award prizes for the most creative, tallest, wackiest and sturdiest structure.

Cinderella's Shoe

This game helps your child learn to listen and follow directions while working with a partner. Assign partners within your group or ask people to pair up together. Direct the pairs to sit next to each other in the group circle. Pass out blindfolds and ask one partner to blindfold the other. The partner who is not blindfolded removes his right shoe and tosses it into the middle of the circle. On your command, all the blindfolded participants crawl into the center of the circle and try to find their partner's shoe. The non-blindfolded partner can call directions but cannot touch or guide his partner. The first team to retrieve the correct shoe wins that round.

Caterpillar Relay Race

Divide your group into at least two teams. Ask one half of each team to go to one side of the room or designated area and the other half to line up on the opposite side. Give the first person on each team a bed sheet. Call "Go!" The team member must throw the bed sheet on the floor or ground and roll himself up in the sheet. He then inches across the play area to his other team members. The "caterpillar's" team can help him unroll. The next person in line repeats the action, making his way back across to his waiting teammates. The team whose members go back and forth first wins.