Archery Games for Children

Dan Frumkin/iStock/Getty Images

Archery is not only an activity for adults -- it is becoming increasingly popular with children. Archery is now offered as a part of many school district's physical education curriculum, and children can enter into archery competitions all over the country. Archery games are normally broken up into games that work on skill, accuracy or simple fun.


Killer is an archery game that is similar to cricket in darts, focusing on accuracy. It is a great game for children to play because it does not focus on hitting the bullseye every time. The object of the game is to close out all of the different colors on the target. Each player shoots three arrows in a turn, and must hit each color three times. Once one player closes out a color, the score of that color is added to that player's score each time they hit that color, as long as the other players have not closed out that color too. The game ends when one player with the highest score closes out all of the colors on the target.

Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and crosses is essentially tic-tac-toe with arrows, played on the back of a target, making it easy for children to understand. Draw a grid with three rows and three columns, and then play with one other player like you would tic-tac-toe. This game depends on strategy as well as accuracy. The first person to hit each square claims it, and the first person to have three squares in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the game.


A fun game that children can play with an archery target is called balloons. You can blow up balloons and pin the ends to the archery board, and then attempt to pop the balloons with the arrows. You can either do this simply for fun, or develop a competitive game where scoring is based on the number of balloons you hit or point value for different colors.


Before playing any archery games, children should be taught all of the safety rules associated with their bow. An adult should supervise these games at all times.