Backyard BBQ Games

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Backyard barbecues can be a fun and relaxing way to take advantage of summer weather and time for recreation. Party games can keep everyone active and interacting while the food is cooked. BBQ games can also engage a variety of ages, making them perfect for family get-togethers. Just keep some towels and cleansing wipes nearby, so everyone can stay outside and eat immediately after playing.

Water Balloon Toss

Beat the heat and stay active with a water balloon toss, suggests social event planning site Throwing water balloons between individuals or at specific targets that are far away from onlookers can keep everyone entertained and cool, ensuring happy distraction until the last burger is grilled. Just filling the water balloons can keep children entertained.

Lay an Egg

Pair up and try to tote a raw egg to work on coordination skills. A variation on an egg relay race, this game can engage older children and adults. Each pair of people must stand back-to-back, nestling a raw egg between their backs. They must lower the egg to the ground without it breaking. The first couple to lay the egg, with no visible cracks, wins.

Pass the Sand

Pass around a fistful of sand for an interesting challenge. Fill a small container with sand and form two teams, each positioned in a line. The first player on each team grabs a handful of sand, then passes it on down the line. The last player empties the remaining fistful of sand on a plate. Whichever team has the most sand left over, wins. Close calls may require a food scale.

Obstacle Course

Turn lawn furniture into an obstacle course, recommends Combine exercise and play by encouraging specific movements, such as hopping along a winding garden hose. Kids can crawl under lawn chairs or tote a ball between their knees as they try to cross the lawn. Obstacle courses can then be adapted for a game of "Simon Says."