Some Fun Things to Make When You're Bored

AndreaAstes/iStock/Getty Images

A list of entertaining things to make comes in handy when boredom strikes. Whether you're stuck inside on a rainy day or your children are bored while on school break, structured activities break up the monotony. Creating things allows the creator to employ creativity, and open-ended projects allow each person to expand on the activity for a personalized result.

Photo Puppets

Kodak's website offers a creative way to use photos when you are bored. Instead of placing them in an album or scrapbook, turn them into puppets. Full body photos work best for the puppet project. Both people and animals work well for the puppets, depending on what type of puppet show you are planning. Pictures from a trip to the zoo or of your own pets work well for animal puppets. Use a craft knife to cut around the object in the photo. An adult should handle the cutting part of the project. Glue the pictures to craft sticks to create a handle for the puppets. This project works well as a joint project with an adult and children.

Life Collage

Collages involve gluing pictures and other objects onto a large sheet of paper or cardboard. Nearly any theme works for a collage. A life collage focuses on your aspirations in life. All you do is place pictures representing your goals in life onto the collage. For example, if you want to go back to college, you might glue on a picture of a college diploma. If your goal is to buy your first home, a picture of a house you like works well. The collage keeps you entertained when you are bored and provides inspiration going forward as a concrete reminder of your goals.

Box City

Cardboard boxes of various sizes create the buildings of a miniature city. Disney Family Fun recommends using magazine holders for smaller buildings. The cardboard boxes are painted or covered in paper to create the look of an actual building. Windows and doors cut into the boxes add to the look of the buildings. Glue the buildings onto a large piece of cardboard to create your city. This is an entertaining option for the entire family.

Recycled Inventions

This boredom-buster makes use of old materials that would otherwise be recycled or thrown in the trash. Collect a variety of materials, such as old fabric, jars, cups, plastic wrap, paper scraps, cardboard tubes and CDs. Use the materials to create a new invention. Another option is to assemble them into an abstract sculpture. Re-purposing is fun!