Fun Outdoor Games for Kindergarteners

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Kindergarten-age children enjoy playing outside. By this time, your child is at the age where she generally enjoys interacting with other children and is learning how to be a good sport. Encouraging her to play outside on a regular basis is good for her physical and emotional development. Get involved with her outside time by setting up some outdoor games and playing together.

Tag Variations

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Traditional tag, reverse tag and rattlesnake tag are games kindergarten children enjoy. In addition to traditional tag, play reverse tag where the child who is "it" is chased by the other children. For rattlesnake tag, choose one child to be the head and one to be the tail of the snake. The other children line up in between the head and the tail, placing her hands on the hips of the player in front. Shout, "go," and everyone runs. The object of the game is for the head to get the tail without the snake line coming apart. When the head gets the tail, the tail is the new leader and everyone moves up in line.

Outdoor Obstacles

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Setting up an obstacle course for young children is a way to encourage active lifestyles and deliberate exercise, recommends the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Use household objects and outdoor play equipment to set up a course appropriate for your child's skill level. Arrange plastic hoops to jump in, slides to go down and cones to run around. Time your child and encourage him to go through the course faster each time to beat his record. Run through the course yourself and let him time you.

Bicycle Games

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If your kindergarten-age child enjoys riding a bike, play these games with her alone, or invite a group of friends over to develop cycling skills and get some exercise. The children can play these games on a bike with or without training wheels. Set up a simple bicycle course using cones and square crackers. The object of the game is to ride through the course without rolling over the crackers. To play another bicycle game, draw parallel lines five to six inches apart, curving the lines gently to simulate a road. Have the children navigate the course without riding outside the lines. Always make sure children riding bikes are equipped with safety helmets.

A Bucket of Fun

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A beanbag bucket toss is a variation on basketball. Play with your child or invite some friends over to join in the fun. Put two buckets at least 20 feet apart and give each team or person a beanbag. The object of the game is to get 10 points by putting your beanbag in your opponent's bucket. Make it more challenging by not allowing your child to run with the beanbag, but rather encourage his throwing ability by having him throw the beanbag to his partner or toss it in the bucket himself.



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