Outdoor Sports Activities for Kids

basketball image by sonya etchison from Fotolia.com

When the weather is nice, outdoor sports activities are a exercise option for kids. They keep kids entertained and help them develop physically, mentally and socially. Regular sports games can get boring after awhile, but kids will love these activities with new twists on regular sports. For kids who love to play outdoors, suggest Limbo, Sea Animal Soccer and Knockout, and a great time can be had by all.


The game of Limbo is a much-loved athletic endeavor that gives kids the opportunity to have fun while testing their flexibility and balance. For this activity, you will need a pole and some upbeat music. This game works best when two adults are holding the pole so that all the kids can participate. It can also work if kids take turns holding the pole, or if you have two ladders set up to hold it. Activities-for-kids.net explains that each kid takes his own turn passing under the horizontal pole. Kids are only allowed to lean back, and never duck forward. If the child successfully passes under the pole without touching it or knocking it down, he goes back in line. After every kid has gone once, the pole is lowered slightly. The game continues, increasing in difficulty, as the pole gets lower and lower until one kids remains.

Sea Animal Soccer

Most kids know the basic rules of soccer, wherein a ball is kicked around a field by two team members who try to score on the opposing team's net. In normal soccer, kids run and use their feet and bodies to move the ball. But there are other variations on soccer that allow kids to be more creative, and are usually well-received. The show Zoom, on the Public Broadcasting Service, suggests a couple of soccer variations that require kids to act like sea animals. One of these variations is called crab soccer. To play, kids position themselves on all fours on their backs. They move by using their arms and legs to run, which makes them look like crabs. They must scuffle around in this position the whole game, and only kick the ball with their feet. Another way to play is called seal soccer. In this variation, use a big soft ball so no one gets hurt. Kids position themselves like seals by lying on their stomachs on the field, crossing their legs behind them, and using their hands to propel them around. Kids can only move the ball by nudging it with their noses like seals.


Knockout is a fun activity based on the sport basketball. To play knockout, you will need two basketballs and one net. To start, the kids line up at the free-throw line or another line they agree upon. This is where the first shot is always taken from. The first two kids in line have basketballs. According to the University of Maine, if the ball goes in when the first kid shoots, she passes the ball off to the third kid and goes back to the end of the line. If the ball does not go in, then she shoots from anywhere on the court until she makes it in the basket. In knockout, as soon as the kid in front of you has shot, you can start shooting--first from the line and then from anywhere if you don't make it. If the kid behind you gets it in the hoop before you, you are out. If you make a basket before the kid behind you, you are still in and continue returning to the back of the line. You win if you are the last kid who has not been knocked out.