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How to Make Doll Food

How to Make Doll Food

Tips for DIY Doll Food Accessories

Serve up some delicious food during playtime with DIY doll food ideas. The food options range from simple paper creations to long-lasting felt and clay foods. Let your child help with cutting out, shaping and assembling the faux foods to make it an interactive experience.

Mold Food From Clay

Using clay lets you get a three-dimensional look for the food. You can shape it into almost any culinary creation you and your child can imagine, so it's a versatile option. Polymer clay is one readily accessible type of clay that hardens after being baked. You can also use air-dry clay. Let your child shape the clay into fun foods before letting it harden. With your assistance, she can add details by painting the finished clay food.

Make Felt Food

Another long-lasting option is making food out of felt. Cut out individual pieces for things like pizza, cookies and fruit. Felt can be difficult to cut, so your child may need some help with that part. Add some stuffing between two layers of felt to add depth to the food. You can either sew or hot glue the pieces of felt together.

Use Mini Erasers

Mini erasers work well as food for dolls, and you don't have to do much work to get them ready. You can find small food-shaped erasers in many stores. They already have realistic detailing and are ready to go. Cut a plate out of cardboard, and arrange the food-shaped erasers on it to serve your dolls a meal.

Craft Simple Paper or Cardboard Food

You don't have to go fancy with homemade doll food. Paper and cardboard work fine for temporary doll food options. Let your child cut out the shapes of different food from the material. He might cut out a white blob and a smaller yellow circle to make an egg. For a pizza, he can layer a brown circle as the crust with red for the sauce and white and yellow strips of paper for the cheese. Cut additional toppings out of other colors so he can customize the pizza.

Craft foam is a similar option that holds up a little longer. The foam is usually fairly thin, but it doesn't tear easily like paper, so it can last through several play sessions.

Use Craft Supplies

Pull out your craft supplies to get creative with homemade doll food. This is an ideal way to help your child use creativity. She will likely come up with some creative ways to use ordinary items such as pompoms, sequins, craft foam and beads to make doll food. Examples include gluing wooden craft sticks together to make a vegetable crate or making an ice cream cone out of craft foam with a pompom as the scoop of ice cream. Yarn cut into several pieces becomes spaghetti. Give your child free reign over age-appropriate craft supplies to see what you come up with together.

Hold Food in a Homemade Lunchbox

Let your child's doll take her food on-the-go with a homemade lunchbox. You'll need an empty mint or similar type of tin as the lunchbox. Cover it with colored duct tape. Make a handle with tape rolled onto itself or a strip of felt, and hot glue it to the top of the tin. You can tuck the DIY food you make inside for extra play options.

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