How to Write an Old Fashioned Letter

By Laurla

In a world of emails, text messaging and instant messaging, letter writing has become a thing of the past. It is a lost art of communication, but one that I find to be a comfort. To open my mailbox and see a letter from a loved one or distant friend warms my heart. It is personable reminder that I am thought about and cared for.

Stationery can be found at any stationery store such as Hallmark. It can also be purchased at paper supply stores, dollar stores or even Costco. Select stationery that you like and will brighten someone's day when they see it in their mail box.

Writing a letter should be done with a pen that writes in blue or black ink. Pick a pen that has a good flow and will fit comfortably in your hand. Remember to write in your best handwriting. Tell the person all about you, what you are doing and the people in your life. A letter is a conversation with a friend or loved one and it bridges the miles and should give the feeling that the person who wrote the letter is right there.

The letter you write should be written in a way that embraces the person it is for. It should draw them inside the letter to wherever you are.

Once the letter is complete, neatly fold it to fit inside the envelope. Seal the envelope and carefully address it. Center the recipient's address on the envelope and put your address in the upper left corner of the envelope. Write neatly so that the addresses are easily read by the mail carrier.

Place the proper postage in the upper right corner of the letter and put in mailbox to be mailed.