How to Write a Good Short Story for Kids

By Amy Lukavics
a Good Short Story, Kids
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Children love stories. By keeping the story lively and short, you are better able to hold the child's attention. If you want to write a short story for children, simply come up with a plot and lace it with amusing, child-friendly dialogue and details. The easiest, quickest and most organized way to create a short story is to outline everything by hand before typing out the story, printing it out, providing illustrations and binding it together.

Step 1

Write the ideas for your short story in a spiral notebook. Use a pencil in case you need to erase or change any details. Come up with a theme such as "sharing" or "treating everyone equally," as well as a problem to be solved by your main character or characters. Also consider the story's setting, characters and major plot points. The story needs to have a beginning, middle, a climax and resolution. It should present a problem, detail how the character solves it and the end result.

Step 2

Input your story on the computer. Make sure the plot isn't too heavy. Use child-friendly words that are short and self explanatory. Describe everything in vivid detail and use dialogue that the children who will hear or read the story would use. Make sure that by the end of the story the main character or characters have solved the problem and that the lesson or theme is clear.

Step 3

Print the story and place each page in individual plastic sleeves. If you desire, draw any illustrations on computer paper with markers, pastels, crayons or colored pencils. Place the illustrations in plastic sleeves and arrange the pages and drawings in order. Put the pages into a three-ring binder.