How to Find Words for Scrabble

By Erika Dean
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Scrabble is a popular game that tests your ability to create words using random letters. If you enjoy playing Scrabble and want to boost your score by creating longer words, you can find words to use by using a word generator online. This is an effective way to find words that your Scrabble letters will create, and saves time compared to searching for words using a dictionary.

Point your Internet browser to a website that will generate words using letters you submit, such as Scrabble Helper or Anagrammer (see Resources).

Enter the letters from your tiles in the form. Make sure to enter all 7 letters you have on hand for best results. If you are building a new word using a letter from an existing word, include the letter for more results.

Click "Search" or "View Words" to find words you can make using your Scrabble tiles. A list of words that can be made using your Scrabble letters will appear.

Find a word that will fit on the Scrabble board and place your tiles on the board and tally up your points using the point value on the tiles as well as the extra point values (double letter score or triple word score), if available.