How to Find Winnable Online Sweepstakes - 5 Easy Ways

By eHow Contributor
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Yes you can find winnable online sweepstakes. I've been winning big and small prizes online for several years. Here are 5 easy ways to find good sweepstakes to enter.

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Sweepstakes sites - The key to a reputable sweeps site is one where readers contribute sweepstakes. There are several that are updated daily. Check out (see Resources) or (see Resources) to get started.

Find your own - Finding good online sweepstakes takes a little more than just Googling "sweepstakes". Be more specific in your search and you'll have more success. Try searching using the phrase ["ends May 30, 2009" +sweepstakes] (Leave the brackets out, but keep the quotation marks). This focuses your search. Just adjust the date and you will get a lot of potential sweepstakes, right from the sponsor's site in most cases.

Check your favorite magazines - Many popular magazines offer new sweepstakes and giveaways every month, and every magazine has a website. Most magazines you get in the mail will refer you to their website to enter their sweepstakes. They offer some great prizes too!

Sweeps newsletter - Subscribe to a sweepstakes newsletter online and they will do the hunting for you. They also screen the sweepstakes they list on their website and only include reputable ones. Try Best Sweepstakes or Sweepsheet (see resources).

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Blog Sweepstakes - Many online bloggers now offer giveaways to entice readers to visit their blogs. The odds can be very good since the entry periods are shorter, and there are fewer people entering.

OK, you're on your way! If you want to read an entertaining (and uplifting!) story of someone who entered sweeps and contests just to survive, check out "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less" (link below). Also look at my related EHow article "How to Get Organized to Win Online Sweepstakes" (see Resources below) to help you get set up. Let me know when you win!