How to Win Stuff on the Internet

By braniac

It is unbelievable what a person can find on the web these days. You can even win almost anything just sitting in front of your computer doing nothing. Here are some simple ways to win free things and even receive as cash prize!

Type in keywords, 'win free prizes'. Thousands of results will show up with a number of website you can check out.

Read the terms of service and the rules if available. Then sign up.

Refer to friends to the website of your and earn points on the chance to win in a sweepstakes contest.

Cool website to join:

Mystery Photo- Are you a good guesser? If so try out this site and guess what is in a photo to cool win cool prizes.

Lightspeed Research- Sign up at this site and enter automatically in their $5,000 sweepstakes. Also fill out surveys and earn points. Points can be redeemed into cash and prizes.

Gamevance- Compete in tournaments with other players and play to win. If you win, you will receive a free Ipod, cell phones, gift cards, etc.

Winzy- Win easily by using Winzy's search engine. At anytime, words can pop on your screen claiming that you'd won a prize. There is also a grand prize to win 100,000! Find out more how to increase your chances of winning.

Triple Jack Poker- Free membership to join. You can upgrade too but you will have to pay. Triple Jack is an interesting game where you throw pies, eggs and bombs at your opponent to win cash prizes. You can also create your own game as well.