How to Win Radio Call-In Contests

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Radio stations across the country give away great prizes everyday. Listeners have the chance to win anything from a free trip to concert tickets to CDs to lunch for two if they can only be the correct caller. While no one can guarantee success with every call, these tips will give you the best chance to be that winning caller and take home the prize you've been listening for.

Listen to local radio stations. The listening audience is limited to your local area, which increases your odds of winning. If the only number to call is toll-free there's a good chance this is a national contest and your chances of winning are not very good.

Survey the contests on your local stations and concentrate on the ones you want to win. Consistent listening will increase your odds of hearing the cue to call.

Take notes. If you need to listen at a particular time of day or call in when a certain song is played, write this information down as a reminder.

Put radio station phone numbers in the memory of all the phones you use so you can dial the numbers quickly.

Call as soon as the DJ begins to talk about the contest or the trigger song starts, using all phones available. If the number is busy continue to call using your redial button and until you hear the winner announced on the air. If you get through to the station let the phone ring even if it seems like a very long time. Some stations won't start to find a winner right away so you'll need to be patient.