How to Win the Plate Toss Carnival Game

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Winning the Plate Toss at a carnival game can seem like an impossible feat. Luckily, there are ways to beat this game with minimal effort. Follow these tips to win the Plate Toss game during your next carnival visit.

Realize that plates with extremely smooth surfaces are intentionally used in the Plate Toss carnival game. The smoothness of the surfaces make tossing coins onto the plates and keeping them there very difficult.

Get in position to toss the coin. Stand in front of the slew of plates. You may choose any position as long as you can see the plates and can toss comfortably.

Add saliva to your coin. Lick your fingers and coat the coin's sides and edges with the liquid. The saliva helps the coin stick to the plate as it lands.

Toss the coin. Instead of tossing the coin forward, toss the coin up into the air so that it will have a better chance at landing directly onto a plate. Coins that are tossed forward tend to slip off the intended plate, bounce off another and fall to the ground.

Use more advanced tactics to win the Plate Toss. One of these methods is to break a coin's trajectory while it's being tossed. Increase your coin's chances of landing on a plate by aiming to hit an initial plate. Bounce the coin off the initial plate's rim so that it can land on a plate near it.