How to Win the Ladder Climb Carnival Game

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Winning the Ladder Climb carnival game can seem like a sure thing after watching a carnival game operator scale it like a professional. However, the Ladder Climb is designed to trip up anyone who tries to climb it. Follow these tips to increase your chances at beating this difficult carnival game.

Watch the carnival game operator scale the ladder. Carnival game operators often demonstrate their agility on the Ladder Climb carnival game to encourage participation. Pay attention to where his feet and hands fall while moving up the ladder.

Pay for a turn and get on the ladder. Position yourself so that you are balanced.

Ignore the rungs of the ladder. The properties of a rope ladder are very different from traditional ladders. Treating a rope ladder like a traditional one guarantees that you will lose your balance before reaching the top.

Step onto the side rope located between the rungs. While stepping on the side rope, move your hands up the ladder. For example, if you take a step with your left foot, move your right hand up the ladder to even out the movement. Distribute your body's weight over the ladder so that one area of your body will not tip the ladder over and cause you to fall.

Rely on your balance. You have to move carefully and maintain your equilibrium if you want to make it to the top.

Reach the top.

Ring the bell.

Collect your prize.