How to Win on Cleopatra Slot Machines

By Brian Adler
Cleopatra Slot Machine

Today's slot machines come in a variety of styles. Elaborate computer graphics and sound create an interactive gaming experience. Slot machines feature themes based on popular television series, holidays and legends. Cleopatra was one of history's most glamorous queens. And now, the Queen of the Nile offers gamers a chance to win big.

Place your bet and spin the reels. Cleopatra slot machines have five reels and come in two varieties, one with nine play lines and one with 20.

Play as many lines as your budget can afford. Bets on Cleopatra slot machines begin at 1 cent and increase to a maximum that varies according to individual casino policy.

Watch for sphinxes, scarabs and Cleopatra symbols. These are the bonus symbols. A bonus gives you 15 rounds of extra play on the same bet.

Get five Cleopatra symbols and win 10,000 times your bet. Five scarabs pay 2,000-to-1, five sphinxes pay 100-to-1, four sphinxes pay 20-to-1, three sphinxes pay 5-to-1 and two sphinxes pay 2-to-1.

Triple your prize if you score any winning combination during the 15 rounds of bonus play. Bonus prizes are totaled at the end of the final round.

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