How to Win at Casino Games

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Taking home a big pile of winnings from a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City may be the best part of your trip to these well-known casino destinations. Knowing how to win at casino games is almost as important as knowing how to play them.

Win at Casino Games

Understand that the odds are stacked against you when you play at a casino. Statistically speaking, the house is more likely to win when you play at a traditional brick and mortar casino. More than instinct or hunches, having a basic understanding of the statistics of winning can help you to win more often at casino games.

Look for strategies which have a mathematically proven foundation. Winning at gambling is all about beating the odds and the only way to do that is to know when you should walk away from the table based on your knowledge of statistics.

Read up on how the champions win at casino games. Professionals who dedicate their lives to playing casino games have written many great books on how to win in the casinos. Study books such as "Casino Gambling" by Jerry Patterson, Eric Nielsen, Christopher Pawlicki and Sharpshooter to find insider tips and hints on how to win more often (see Resources below).

Be prepared when you walk up to the table or the slot machine. You should have a basic understanding of the rules of the game as well as the odds of winning before you start to play. A great way to practice is by playing in a non-betting situation such as online or in a computer video game.

Learn to recognize commonly accepted myths such as the "Gambler's Fallacy," which states that an event that has not happened recently is overdue and therefore more likely to occur. Just because you've played several hands without winning does not mean that you will eventually win. It's better to walk away from a losing table than to stay and continue losing.