Where to Sell Comic Books

By Jeannie Knudson

People collect comic books for a many reasons. For some, their comic books were a treasured collection that started when they were children and that grew with them. For others, comic book collecting is an investment--they purchase entire collections or rarer first print single comics. When you decide to sell your comic books, there are many reputable options online and offline that will help you get the most money out of your assets.

Check with local comic book stores. Many comic book stores and card shops will buy individual comics or entire collections. Speak with the manager or owner of the shop to find out if they offer cash or store credit. Comic book stores are more inclined to buy older or more rare comics to supplement an existing collection. Your local yellow pages should have a listing of local comic book stores. The stores are sometimes listed in the phone book as card shops.

Sell your comic books at auction. You can choose to sell your comic books at online auction sites such as eBay or you can check with local auctioneers. To find local auctioneers in your area, you can look them up online at auction listing websites such as auctionzip. If you plan to use an online auction service like eBay, you can check prior auctions to estimate how much your comic books are worth. Local auctioneers will advertise your comics by listing them in a bill of sale available to auction-goers.

Find comic book conventions in your area. These conventions are held all over the US throughout the year. Many comic book convention dealers will buy individual comic books or entire collections. If you have an extensive collection and are unsure of the value, conventions are a great place to speak with experts who can help you appraise your comic books as well. Comic books stores often have lists of the dates and places that conventions will be held.

Consider placing an ad in the classified sections of newspapers. Many serious collectors do not advertise when or what they’re buying, but they are always on the lookout for sellers. When placing classified ads, make sure you submit the ad to several major newspapers around the country. Classified newspaper print ads are relatively cheap and sometimes free. You can submit your ad online to most major newspapers. Collectors are willing to pay top dollar for the right collection or comic book. The buyer will even pay to ship and insure the comic books.

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