How to Find the Value of Gold Coins

By Brian Adler
An American Gold Coin

Gold coins are a traditional medium of exchange. Usually not pure gold, they generally consist of gold together with a small amount of silver or base metal. Many modern nations continue to issue gold coins at a face value that is far below their real value as bullion. Bullion is the actual gold treated as a commodity. Additionally, old coins are often prized for the beauty of their design or for their sheer rarity.

Determine the value of your gold coins by weighing your coins on a gram scale. Most modern issue coins are worth approximately their value in bullion.

Consult a gold exchange such as Monex or NYMEX to find out the current spot price of gold. Gold is sold by either the troy ounce or the gram. There are 31.103 g in a troy oz.

Check the current worth of old gold coins or unusual modern issues. Sites such as U.S. Rare Coin Investments provide lists and descriptions of valuable pieces. Lynn Coins, for example, also features information on foreign coins.

Learn whether your gold coin is bullion or proof. Proof coins are unissued coins. Check sites including the Bullion Coin Collectors Site to find out how to identify individual pieces as proofs.

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