How to Use a Metal Detector

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Metal detectors are used to find coins, jewelry and other valuable items. They have an antenna or search coil that can detect metal. If you find something made of metal the detector will make an audible sound to alert you. You may not get rich searching with a metal detector, but it is a fun hobby to take up.

Buy a metal detector. There are various types of detectors and price ranges also vary. Some metal detectors are made for water searching. Many detectors will find items at a depth of 8 to 12 inches below the surface. More expensive metal detectors have advanced technology and can detect items deeper underground.

Research spots to go hunting for treasures. You can start your search online. Look for old mining camps in your town, lakes and rivers.

Go to the beach. The ocean is constantly moving and may wash valuable items on shore. Try a beach at dusk when it is less crowed. It will be easier to search with less people. Obtain a tide chart. Search at low tide. People often lose things in shallow water.

Start searching for treasures. Turn on your metal detector and move it over the area you want to search. Move it slowly and try to keep track of where you searched. Listen carefully for the sound your detector makes to alert you to items.

Join a metal detecting club. There are clubs in communities all over the world. There are also online clubs to join. They offer information and tips on the best locations to search. Fellow treasure hunters also exchange information on which metal detectors are best.

Learn the difference in sounds your detector makes. Many metal detectors will make a different sound if the item is scrap metal. This will save you time digging for junk.