How to Unscramble Words

By eHow Contributor
unscramble words

Unscramble words games are very popular tools for teaching word comprehension. Learning how to unscramble words takes some practice and these method tips might help you become more proficient.

First identify how many vowels verses consonants are in the unscrambled words. If there are lots of vowels in the words there is a good chance one of them might be in the first unscramble position.

Start with one of the vowels in the second space and pair it with the other consonants in position one to help you sound out different possibilities of unscrambled words.

Now try this same combination with the other vowels and each consonant in the same letter positions of your unscrambled words.

If you are still unable to solve the unscrambled words it may help to place your vowels at the beginning of the words and try to identify different variations to unscramble it.

Finally if you are still unable to unscramble the words, look for possible two letter combination sounds like t and h or d l y that make sense in combination with the other vowels.