Types of Black & Mild Cigars

By Dan Ketchum
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Since the 1856 founding of its store in Philadelphia, the John Middleton Co. has been selling tobacco products. Alongside the company's line of Prince Albert cigars, John Middleton's Black & Mild cigarillos are its most popular offering. These “little cigars” are made from pipe tobacco, which provides the taste and aroma of pipe smoking without the need to prepare a pipe. Middleton offers Black & Mild cigars--which, like all tobacco products, are illegal for people younger than 18--in no less than a dozen types.


The John Middleton Co.'s Black & Mild little cigars are, as their name indicates, mild cigars. Also known as cigarillos, Black & Milds are made of 100 percent pipe tobacco wrapped in homogenized tobacco leaf. Like all of the Black & Mild line, the original blend cigars are machine-made in Puerto Rico. These cigars are unfiltered, though Middleton offers the original Black & Mild cigar with filter tips as well. Filter-tipped Black & Mild cigars are known as Black & Mild FTs.

Flavored Types

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Black & Mild cigarillos come in a variety of fruit blends and flavors. These cigars have subtly fruit-flavored blends and feature fruit-flavored tips. The John Middleton Co. offers Black & Milds in Cherry Blend and Apple varieties. Similarly, the company produces a line of Black & Mild Cream cigars, which feature cream-flavored tips. Black & Mild Wine pipe tobacco cigars feature a wine flavor, capitalizing on the custom of smoking cigars with a glass of wine.

Wood Tip Types

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The John Middleton Co. offers a line of wine-flavored Black & Mild Wood Tip cigars. Wood-tip varieties of Black & Mild cigars feature a wooden tip rather than the plastic tip used on Black & Mild FTs and Black & Mild flavored cigars. MIddleton also offers Black & Mild Wood Tip Wine cigarillos, which feature wine-dipped wooden tips for added flavor.

Other Types

Though the pipe tobacco used in Black & Milds already offers a mild smoking experience, the Middleton produces a label of even gentler Black & Mild Milds. These cigarillos also come in a filter-tipped variety. The company also produces Black & Mild Fast Break cigars, which are smaller than standard Black & Milds, focusing on short smoking sessions. Black & Mild Royale cigars are larger than standard Black & Milds.