Which Type of Printer Is Suitable for Printing on Canvas?

By Ezmeralda Lee
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A picture can easily be transformed into a piece of art with canvas printing. This process involves the reproduction of an image onto a canvas that can then be stretched onto a frame. The end result is an image that appears as if it was painted on an art canvas. There are specific requirements a printer must meet if it is to be used for this process to ensure that a quality image is reproduced.


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A printer that is suitable for canvas printing should be a wide-format printer. These printers can range from 13 to 44 inches. This will ensure that the printer is able to reproduce images of all sizes. For the best quality, use a professional-grade printer. These printers are specially designed with features such as high-resolution printing and eight-color ink technology to create vibrant images on canvas that will not fade.

Ink Quality

Ink quality is important.
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Printers that feature UltraChrome K3 ink technology well deliver the highest quality of printing. This technology allows for tri-level black ink and eight-color ink resulting in true-color images. A printer that features the UltraChrome K3 ink technology also utilizes a feature that minimizes bronzing of gloss images, called High-gloss Microcrystal Encapsulation Technology. Any canvas printer that features this quality of ink can also be used for archival art reproduction.

Borderless Printing

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Borderless printing allows for less wasted canvas as well as a clean, professional look. This feature will enlarge an image enough to prevent white edges on the paper. For quality borderless printing, a canvas printer must also be self-aligning. Self-aligning printers take the guesswork out of how well a printer will develop images onto varied paper weights. The feature recognizes the surface it is about to print on and then adjusts print tracts and speeds accordingly.

Paper Path

To ensure that a printer will produce quality canvas prints, it should have a straight paper path. A straight paper path ensures that the printer will properly feed the canvas, despite its weight, without stretching the image. Canvas printers without this feature should only be used to print on smaller canvases.

Print Head

The print head on a suitable canvas printer should be at least 1 inch wide. This will deliver a higher density of color levels. A wide print head also helps produce higher resolution and higher-quality images than models with smaller print heads.