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By Charlena Fuqua
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When planning a party, making sure the guests stay entertained is a key factor. The last thing a host wants is a party where the guests are bored and sitting around in silence. A good way to get everyone participating in the fun is to have a trivia game prepared. Guests can form teams and have a lighthearted evening filled with laughs and possibly a little friendly competition.

Trivial Pursuit

Created in 1979, Trivial Pursuit is one of the most well-known trivia games created for adults. The game currently has 24 different versions, both in board game versions and mobile phone applications. A wide variety of specialty game options are available including Pop Culture, Totally '80s edition, Entertainment Singles, Greatest Hits, Music Singles and Sports and Games. Trivial Pursuit is also available for the video game platforms Xbox 360, PlayStations 2 and 3 and Nintendo Wii. Players can choose to play as individuals or as teams and answer questions based on their knowledge of a particular subject area. As of 2010, Trivial Pursuit prices range from $5 for the mobile phone application to $50 for the newest release.

Scene It?

Party hosts who expect a crowd that loves the entertainment industry can have a fun-filled night with Scene It? The game uses a DVD created by Screenlife to show clips from TV shows, music videos, movies and sports games combined with trivia cards to challenge players' knowledge of pop culture. Scene It? is available in board game form, as well as mobile phone applications and the video game platforms Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A large number of specialty versions are available, including Deluxe Movie Edition, TV Edition, Disney Edition, Harry Potter Edition, Warner Bros. 50th Anniversary Edition, HBO Edition, Friends Edition and many more. New versions are released every year, and average prices for Scene It? are approximately $15 to $20 as of 2010.

You Must Be An Idiot!

The board game You Must Be An Idiot! was designed as a fun way to determine which player is the smartest and which player may not be as smart as they thought. The game is played in a number of rounds, each with a designated genius. The genius is required to ask a question that the other players must answer. One or more players is randomly selected to be an idiot and must write a wrong answer. Players must then accuse other players of being an idiot. Points are earned in a number of ways, including correctly answering a question, correctly accusing an idiot, avoiding getting discovered as an idiot or tricking others into incorrectly accusing you of being an idiot. As of 2010, You Must Be an Idiot! can be purchased for about $16.

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