Trivia Games for a Ladies Luncheon

By Tiffany Roget

If you've decided to host a ladies luncheon or even if you've simply been put in charge of the entertainment for one a fun, exciting game of trivia will keep your event lively and keep the ladies talking. Cards can easily be homemade which enhances the personal touch of the event even more. Various subject matter options are available to you for themes, categories and questions. Having prizes on hand for the winner(s) would also make your party memorable.


The average woman is familiar with names such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren. But beyond the fact that these designers cut their garments to flatter womens' figures and that they cost a significant amount of money most modern day woman know very little about their beginnings, the drive behind their passion and how they manage to maintain their creativity on a daily basis. Create questions that explore these and other popular, luxury level designers biographies and lifestyles. Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son, for example but was she married to his father? How many times has she been married? Different decades tend to turn out different styles of clothes as well. Questions matching clothing pieces to eras would work well for medium level questions. Consider downloading pictures Online, cutting them out of magazines or drawing them directly on the cards if you'd like to offer the variety of visual questions. Also, consider including questions that reflect the manners of clothing. Back in the Victorian era, for example, women were forbidden to show certain body parts to any partner not her husband. From the long dresses to their restrictive undergarments, this era in itself is ripe for exploration.

Historical Female Figures

As much as women have been supporting and contributing to society, few people current day have the time to be knowledgeable about the numerous females in our history that have had a significant impact on the common man and woman. Questions can date back to the Time of the Crusades and range from political figures to Nobel Peace Prize winners to famous faces such as Martha Stewart. Raised in a generation wherein women typically remained at home during the workday taking care of the children and maintaining the home, Ms. Stewart grew up made some money and created her billion-dollar homemaker-style empire. Explore the ideas of how current day societal trends craft and cultivate female figures. Consider the roles women used to play, as well as how they currently contribute and create categories such as "Responsibilities at Home," "The Workplace" and balancing "Family Life vs. Individual Necessities." Categories such as "Your Mother's Mother" and "1950's Role Models" are also good examples of the range of opportunities that can be covered under this theme.

Cosmetic Industry

If you've decided to go with a cosmetic theme for your luncheon trivia game you're going to need to spend some time prior to the big event wherein you research the history of the practice. When did women first wear cosmetics? Who was the first person to invent the facial products? Was it a male or female scientist? Or maybe it was a young female searching for a male suitor. Throw current day cosmetic procedures into the mix for a modern spin as well. Questions should be on easy, medium and hard levels and you can also make challenge cards with extra-hard questions. An example of question content is matching specific products to their company line, knowing the names of cosmetic companies such as Mary Kay and Beauti Control and their origins as well as the country in which the most cosmetic products are created. Explore other related subject matter as well, such as how does the way women are expected to dress inform whether or not they wear make-up? You can create easy home-made cards for this game by either cutting up note cards, using pastel colored card stock or even sticking with index cards.