Tricks to Winning Casino Slots

By Johnny Kampis
Many casinos, thousands, slot machines
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Walk into most casinos and they are the first thing you see and hear. Hundreds or even thousands of slots beckon players with various lights and sounds. While slots are traditionally one of the worst games for players in a casino due to the higher house edge, you can use some techniques to increase your chances of leaving a winner.

Payout Percentages

Some casinos tout how loose their slots are, advertising such things as "98 percent payback." The problem is that this applies only to certain machines on the casino floor, and you have no idea of knowing which ones they are. In general, dollar slots and higher have the highest paybacks while penny and nickel slots pay back the lowest amount. So if you want a chance of playing the 98 percent payback slot, you should stick to dollar and higher denominations.

Jackpot Eligibility

Always read the rules for each slot machines before you play it. This information will be on the front of the machine on slots with mechanical reels, but you often have to press a button on the touch screen when playing video slots to access the rules. Many slots require you to play the maximum number of coins on each spin to have a chance at the machine's jackpot. Most slots have a "Play Max Credits" button you can press to ensure you are eligible.

Playing Locations

In some cities, certain locations tend to offer looser slots than other spots. Las Vegas is a prime example. The slots at McCarran International Airport are notorious for low payback percentages. Many of the slots you find in local convenience stores are even worse. Stick to casino slots and head downtown to Fremont Street for your best chance of winning, as the Nevada Gaming Commission reports that the payback is a few percentage points higher there than on the Strip.

Slot Clubs

Winning at slot machines requires sheer luck alone, but you can get some of your expected losses back in the form of complimentaries, or comps. Sign up at the players club to get a card. Insert this card into any machine you play and you will get points for your wagers. Once you earn enough points, you may receive free gifts such as coffee mugs and T-shits, in addition to free meals and discounted or free rooms.