How to Transfer Photos to a DVD With Music

By Alexis Lawrence
your photos, a DVD slideshow
DVD image by vashistha pathak from

If you to share your photos from a vacation or a special event with others, one way that you can do so is by creating a photo DVD with a music soundtrack. Creating a photo DVD with music is a basic slideshow design process that can be accomplished in most standard movie-editing programs. Once a slideshow movie project is complete, it can be burned to DVD like any standard movie file.

Step 1

Open a movie-editing program that accepts still photos. Adobe Premiere, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are among the programs that can process still images.

Step 2

Load all of the photos that you want to transfer to DVD into the movie-editing program. To load photos, click the “Import Media” button on the main page of the application or go to “File” and select “Import” from the menu. Go to the folder on the hard drive that contains the photos and double-click each photo to pull it in.

Step 3

Add the music that you want to use as the soundtrack for your photo DVD in the same way that you loaded the photos. Go to “Import Media” or “File” and “Import,” navigate to the folder that contains the music file and double-click the file to pull it into the program.

Step 4

Arrange the photos in the order you want them by dragging them from the media pane in the video-editing program to the video track of the program’s timeline. Click the right edge of any photo clip on the timeline and drag it to the right or left to make the photo play a longer or shorter period of time.

Step 5

Drag the music file to the audio track of the music’s timeline. Click the “Play” button in the preview pane to preview how the music and photos go together.

Step 6

Export the project as a movie file by clicking “File” and “Export Movie” or “Publish Movie.” In iMovie, this option is under the “Share” menu. Enter a name for the file, select a folder on the hard drive to store the file in and click the “Export” or “Publish” button to create the movie file.

Step 7

Place a blank DVD into the computer’s DVD drive. Launch any DVD-burning application, such as Nero or CyberLink PowerDVD, among others.

Step 8

Select “DVD” on the main screen to launch the DVD wizard. When the wizard comes up, click the “Import” or “Add Video” button, go to the folder where you saved your photo project and double-click the file to add it to the DVD.

Step 9

Go through the steps/screens of the DVD-burning program. Click the “Write” or “Burn” button on the last page to write the photo project to disc.