How to Transfer Pictures From One Memory Card to Another

By Mark Spowart
You, images, the card, your camera
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The advent of digital technology and its impact on photography has forever changed the way pictures are taken and stored. Rather than using film in their cameras, photographers insert a memory card where pictures are stored as digital files. Once on the card, these files can be downloaded to a computer, saved to a CD or DVD or transferred to another card. You can transfer digital pictures from one memory card to another using your home computer.

Step 1

Connect two card readers to open USB ports on your home computer. Insert an empty memory card into one of the card readers and wait a moment for your computer to detect the new card.

Step 2

Double-click the icon representing the empty memory card on your computer so a new window opens up.

Step 3

Insert the memory card containing pictures into the other card reader and wait a moment for your computer to detect the card. Double-click the icon representing this card so it opens up in a new window.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Ctrl" and the "A" key on your keyboard to highlight all of the files on that memory card. Release the "Ctrl" and "A" key once the files have been highlighted.

Step 5

Right-click and hold one of the highlighted files and drag them to the open window for the empty memory card. Release the mouse and the computer will transfer the images to the empty memory card.