How to Tie an Eight-Strand Sennit

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Knotting and plaiting, or braiding, has been around for hundreds of years. Used by native populations and sailors in various ways, from securing homes and tools to securing meals via hunting and fishing, these techniques are used more often now for decorative purposes. One attractive plaiting technique is the sennit. The more strands you use, the more complex the pattern becomes. One popular form is the eight-strand sennit.

Cut four lengths of cord double the length of your final project. Fold the cords in half to create 8 equal-length strands.

Burn or melt the ends of the cords to prevent fraying.

Secure the middle of the strands to make braiding easier. If you would like to have some sort of hardware, such as a hook or buckle, on the end of your sennit, lace the cords through them to the middle of the strands. This could also provide a convenient securing point.

Divide the strands into a group of three and a group of five.

Begin plaiting. Bring the outside strand of the group of five over four strands and under the group of three. Then bring the outside strand of the three group over two strands and under the remaining four strands of the original group of five. You now again have a group of five and a group of three.

Repeat the above step until you have made the sennit to your desired length. Secure the ends by tying in a knot, adding hardware or adding a large bead.