Things to Consider When Moving out of State

By Erica Green

A move out of state is a big step in someone’s life and takes careful research and planning. Some people move for a change of scenery, while others choose to be closer to family. Still others move for job advancement. There are many reasons people move to another state, but there are several factors to consider before making a large move.

Consider job availability and salary. What is the job market like in the new area? Does the area offer work for your specialty? Will your salary be equivalent, more or less than you were making before? Another topic to consider is the distance from your new home to work. Will your commute be longer or shorter? What is traffic like?

Determine the taxes and cost of living. Determine if a new salary will cover any increased cost of living. Some states have a state income tax, while others do not. Look into this prior to your move.

Take into account the weather and climate as well as safety issues. Will you feel comfortable living in a new climate? Will you feel safe to travel and live in the new area? What are the crime statistics for the state and city where you will be living?

Plan for the family. How do the schools in the new area rank? Are there recreational activities for the family? Check into entertainment, dining and cultural activities in the city and surrounding communities.

Consider buying and selling a home. Research the housing market in your current area to determine what your house is worth. This will allow you to make sure you receive the best value for the property.

Move less. Moving expenses add up. One way to cut costs is to move less stuff. Donate or sell items you no longer use. It’s difficult to move perishable items so be sure to run down your food stock or give it away to a shelter before your move date.

Say goodbye to friends and family. Take time to say goodbye to friends and family. Let children exchange addresses and phone numbers to keep in touch.

About the Author

Erica Green has been a freelance journalist since 2008. She has contributed to the Atlantic Publishing Company, Texas Sports, Confessions of a Homeowner and more. Green is currently pursuing a degree in Spanish, and she tutors English Language Learner students. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas and is a certified middle school teacher.