Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules

By Jack Stone

The game Ten Thousand Dice (or 10,000 Dice) is similar to the games Farkle and Cosmic Wimpout. (See Reference 1.) It's simple to customize the rules of the game, depending on the preferences of the players. However, be sure to get a consensus on the rules before game play begins.

Game Play

The game requires six dice. Scoring is based on several rules. Every roll of 1 is worth 100 points. Every 5 is worth 50 points. Every set of three is worth 100 times the face value of the dice. In other words, a roll of 2-2-2 or 4-4-4 would be worth 200 or 400, respectively. The only exception is a roll of 1-1-1; this is worth 1,000 points. A straight, or 1-2-3-4-5-6, is worth 3,000 points. Finally, a roll of three pairs is worth 1,500 points. This last rule also applies to four-of-a-kind and a pair.

On each player's turn, the player rolls the dice. If the player rolls something that can be scored, those dice are set aside. The player can either tally the score and end the turn or roll again. Every consecutive roll that scores points increases that player's score. The player may continue to play as long as he gets points with each roll. If all six dice earn points, the player may roll all the dice again and continue to accumulate points. However, if the player ever has a scoreless roll, the total accumulated score is nullified for that round.

The dice on each throw can only count once: if a 1 is rolled on the first throw, and two 1s are rolled on the next throw, the score is 300, not 1,000. Play continues until a player reaches 10,000 points.

Sample Round

Player 1 rolls the six dice and gets 1-3-3-4-4-6. The player sets aside the 1; it is the only scored point, and it is worth 100 points. The next roll, the player rolls five dice and rolls 2-2-2-3-4. The player scores 200 points for this throw. The player then decides to roll the last two dice and rolls 5-5. This adds 100 points. Therefore, the player's total is 400 points. However, the player chooses to roll all six dice again. On this roll, the player gets 2-2-3-4-4-6. This roll is a scoreless throw and worth nothing, so the player receives no points for the round.

The second player then rolls a 5-5-5-2-4-4. The player receives 500 points. Then, the player rolls a 1-2-3. The player scores another 100 points. At this point, the player chooses to stop. The score is now 0-600.

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