Teen Team-building Activities

By Krystal Miller
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Ron Levine/Lifesize/Getty Images

Team-building activities work as a great icebreaker for teens that have never met before and are looking to make new friends. These activities also enhance communication for a group of teens who might already know one another. If playing team-against-team, award prizes to the winning members of each team for a job well done on working together and communication.

Spider Web

Take white yarn or rope, and string at different heights and various places in a large play area. Divide the players into team of two and give each team blindfold. One pair at a time will enter the spider web. Blindfold one player and his teammate must help direct him through the spider web to the other side by only telling him where to go. The teammate cannot touch the player. Time each team and the team with the fastest time wins the game.

Jelly Beans

For the jelly bean game, you will need several bags of jelly beans. Give each player 10 different-colored jelly beans. When you say, "Go," each player has to go around asking to trade jelly beans to try to get all the same color. The first player to get 10 of the same color jelly beans wins the game.


As each guest arrives, have her write her name on a slip of paper, blow up a balloon and put her name in the balloon. Once all the guests have arrived, mix the balloons up in the middle of the play area. When you yell, "Go," each player has to run and get a balloon and pop it. The player must find the person with the name that is in the balloon they popped. They must introduce themselves to one another and share one interesting fact about themselves.

Plank Walking

Mark a starting line and finish line about 60 feet apart. Divide the players into teams of four or five. Give each team two wood planks (each plank has to be long enough for all players to stand on). The teams will use the wood planks to maneuver themselves from the starting line to the finish line. If a teammate falls off the plank, the team must return to the starting line and start over. The first team to get to the finish line wins the game.