How to Submit Photographs to a Magazine

By Mark Spowart
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Digital technology and its application in photography has not only changed the way photos are taken and stored, it has changed the way you can submit pictures to magazines. Before digital technology and email, to submit a photograph to a magazine you had to take or mail the physical photograph to the magazine's office. Today, you can send pictures to magazine editors with a few clicks of your computer mouse.

Step 1

Contact the magazine editor or photo editor to obtain the specifications for submitting pictures. Different magazines will have different requirements in terms of content and the actual technical specifications of the photo file.

Step 2

Open the photograph in the photo-editing program you typically use; edit the picture to match the magazine's requirements. Magazines most often require photographs to have a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 100%, a size of 8 inches by 12 inches and be saved at a high quality JPEG setting. After editing the picture, name and save it to your computer's hard drive.

Step 3

Compose a new email to the magazine's editor or photo editor giving all of the details of the picture including where it was taken, who is in the picture, what they are doing or what makes the image significant. Attach the photo as a file attachment -- do not "insert" the picture into the body of the email. The magazine will require a file that can be easily uploaded to its server and adjusted as needed.

Step 4

Send the email to the editor and if possible attach a "read receipt" request to the email. This will let you know that your photo made it to the magazine and the editor has reviewed the email.

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Since 2002 Mark Spowart has been working as a freelance writer and photographer in London, Canada. He has publication credits for writing and/or photography in Canada, The United States, Europe and Norway, with such titles as "The Globe & Mail," "The National Post," Canada News Wire, Sun Media and "Business Edge" magazine.