How to Store Cigars Without a Humidor

By Lauren Wise

Cigars can be stored for a couple of weeks without the assistance of a humidor, but if you are going to turn cigar collecting into a hobby, you should invest in a humidor. Ideally, cigars should be stored in a dark environment below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with a percentage of humidity (at least 70 percent) so they do not dry out. Without a humidor, you can store your cigars with this method for about 2 weeks. After that, they will become either too moist or too dry.

Wash the plastic storage container thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water. Let dry. The size of the container depends upon how many cigars you want to store. For three to four cigars, a medium-sized container is appropriate.

Place a clean, folded-up paper towel soaked in water in the corner of the plastic container, against the side. This ensures that moisture will be available inside the container once it is securely shut with the cigars inside.

Place the cigar or cigars in a row within the container. Do not let them touch the damp paper towel. Keep them as far from the towel as you can so they do not get wet.

Shut the lid on the container tightly. Store it in a cool, dark place until you use the cigars. If you need to store them for longer than 2 weeks, invest in a humidor pouch, which can store cigars for up to 90 days.

Make sure the cigars are still good to smoke once you take them out of the plastic container or the humidor pouch. Press onto the cigar papers to see how moist or brittle they are. If they are brittle, the cigar is way too dry, and it will not be enjoyable to smoke. If they are too moist and wet, place them in a plastic resealable bag, and let them sit out on the counter overnight. They should become more dry, and you can smoke them for an enjoyable experience.

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