How To Store Cigars in Aluminum Tubes

By Keith Dooley
Store tubed cigars, a humidor, proper care
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"En tubo," or in a tube, is the way some cigars are presented from their manufacturer. Tubes are most commonly made from aluminum, glass and plastic and may feature a screw down or stopper type cap. A mistake commonly made with tubed cigars is that the humidification needs of these cigars differ from that of cellophane wrapped sticks. Although a tubed cigar with a screw cap will last longer outside a humidifier, after a day or so you will begin to see the wrapper of the cigar dry out. Stopper cap tubes may last a little longer without humidification. Regardless of the cap, tubes cigars should be humidified in the same manner as other cigars.

Compare the number of aluminum tubed cigars you need to store to the available space in your humidor. Some cigar enthusiasts may have larger humidors that are capable of storing an entire wooden box of cigars as they are packed by the manufacturer. Smaller humidors may require that the tubed cigars are removed from their box.

Remove the screw cap from the aluminum tube. Though capped aluminum tubes are not air tight, removing the cap will allow the humidified air to better move in and out of the tube. Leaving the cigar in the tube will help protect the wrapper from damage.

Place the tubed cigars in your humidor. If placing an entire box in a humidor, crack open the lid to allow air to circulate inside the box.

Arrange the cigars, if storing without the box, so that the air flow in the humidor is maximized. You will still want to remove the cap.

Check the humidity level after new cigars are added to the humidor. A quick check during the first two days or so will let you know if the relative humidity needs to be adjusted. Dry cigars can quickly pull down the humidity level and may affect the entire humidor.