Stealth Cam Instructions

By Tiesha Whatley
The Stealth Cam places temperature, date, video files
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The Stealth Cam is a high-definition digital video scouting recorder. Use the included nylon scrap, metal attachment or locking bracket to attach the camera to a tree in order to take video and still images to scout an area for hunting purposes. The Stealth Cam uses two different types of power sources: six "C" batteries or an auxiliary power jack. Once the scouting camera has power, install the memory card, set up and program the device and mount the camera to be able to use it to its full capabilities.

Step 1

Insert an SD memory card into the card slot on the side of the camera. Look at the image by the SD slot to ensure that you are inserting the memory card in the right direction. Push the card in all the way to secure it.

Step 2

Turn on the camera and program it. The auto-flash is already pre-programmed in the settings. Turn off the flash by pressing the "UP" button within 30 seconds of turning on the camera. You can turn the flash back on by pressing the "UP" button again within the same 30 seconds. Or you may turn off the camera, then turn it back on and press the "UP" button twice within 30 seconds. The LED display turns off after no buttons have been pressed for 30 seconds. Continue programming the camera by pressing the "Menu" button and choosing a setting you want to change. Press the "OK" button to make a selection. Use the "UP" and "DN" buttons to change the settings and then "OK" to save the setting.

Step 3

Choose the option for mounting the camera. If using the screw, use your hand to twist the screw into the tree at the position and location of your choice. Attach the camera to the mounting screw and tighten the stabilizer nut. Place the nylon strap through the strap slots on the back of the camera. Wrap the strap around the tree or post and pull the strap tight to secure the camera. Secure the strap in the buckle.

Step 4

Use the camera by opening the front housing and moving the switch under the battery compartment to the "ON" position. Leave the Stealth Cam alone and leave the scouting area. The camera will start taking video or a burst of still images after one minute of turning it on.

Step 5

View the images on the Stealth Cam by sliding the switch back to the "OFF" position. Connect one end of the "USB" cable into the USB port on the camera and the other end into your computer. The LCD screen on the camera comes on and will show "USB" in the display if it is connected correctly to the computer. Click on "Start" and then "Computer." Double-click on the drive for the connected Stealth Cam. It will show as a mass storage device, and view your images.

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