How to Start a Pin Collection

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

When somebody says "pin," do you say, "pincushion"? You don't know the half of it. Buying, selling and trading decorative pins takes up several pages of a Google search. Much in demand are pins with logos from sports teams, restaurants, religion, Olympic games long past, patriotism and of course, Disney, a category all by itself. There are not too many collections the hobbyist can wear on hats, shirts, lapels or lanyards (a Miss America-style strip that displays pins across the chest.) If you want to collect something easy to find, display and store, decorative pins may be for you.

Investigate Pin Collecting

Go to the Kidszone page on pin collecting and especially the letter from Ashley at the Kids Forum for information on what pin collectors do (see Resources below).

Decide what kind of pins you would like to collect by looking up various types on the Internet and contacting other collectors through websites and pin trading events.

Start Your Pin Collection

Search through drawers, jewelry boxes and pockets to find any pins you may already have. Almost everyone has one or two stashed somewhere that could start a collection.

Get free pins. You can send for them--especially sports, city and state pins--or ask for them at restaurants, fairs, political rallies and local businesses. You could also ask friends for old pins they may not want.

Stock your collection with as many pins as possible to start. What you don't want you can use to trade.

Find trading partners on the Internet and at trading events. Disney pins can be traded at almost any Disney park or resort, while Hard Rock Cafe, Olympic pins and others can be found through specific searches under pin type or your location.