How to Start a Girl Scout Troop

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Perhaps you have a daughter who is between the ages of 5 and 17, or perhaps you are a friend or relative of a girl in this age group. If there are no Girl Scout troops in the girl's area, you might want to start a Girl Scout troop for the girl and her friends. Follow these steps to get started.

Go to the website for the Girl Scouts organization. You will find information on the Girl Scout council in your area as well as contact information.

Find another adult who is willing to be a co-leader. A troop can be started if there are two adults who have been screened and trained.

Fill out the paperwork and attend the training. You can find out about local trainings at your local council. Leaders attend three trainings during a 3-month period. In the training, you will learn to organize field trips, award badges and work with girls in a specific age group.

Invite girls to join the troop. Each girl must be registered and pay a yearly fee. However, there is financial assistance available if a girl is unable to pay the fee.

Choose a meeting time. At your first meeting, you will want to meet all of the parents and enlist their help for activities throughout the year.

Purchase a leader's guide and badge book. These books will give you the information you need to plan activities throughout the year. Depending on the age of the girls, you will want to involve them in the planning process when choosing activities and badges.