How to Start a Bunco Group

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Bunco is a game played with three dice at tables of four players. Prizes or cash are awarded in several categories at the end of three rounds of play. That is the technical description of bunco. What bunco really encompasses is eating, drinking, and chit-chatting with your girlfriends while playing an easy game of chance. Follow the steps below to start a bunco group in your neighborhood.

Contact friends and neighbors who you enjoy spending time with, or reach out to neighbors you haven't met yet to start a group in a new neighborhood. Pick a night and send out invitations with an RSVP deadline so you'll have an idea of who to expect.

Decide which set of bunco rules you want to use for the group. You will find several different ideas for rules at Every group seems to find a set of rules or guidelines they like best.

Purchase the few items you need to start the bunco group - dice, a bell, score sheets and enough pens to go around. Set up three tables with pens and score sheets.

Determine the menu for the bunco evening. Keep it simple for yourself. An example of an easy dinner would be baked ziti pasta, salad and garlic bread. Anything chocolate for dessert is always a hit.

Set out a container to hold the money for the evening of bunco. Everyone pays a fee to play, usually $5, and then this money is used for cash prizes. Categories can be most buncos, most wins, most losses and so on. Determine the amount to be awarded for each category.

Welcome everyone to your home and have fun playing bunco. With 12 participants, each member can host one time a year and spread the hosting duties equally.