Spy Pen Instructions

By William Pullman

The Wild Planet XP-4 Spy Pen is a pen with several accessories for children who want to pretend to be a spy. Among the many accessories are a motion detector, flash light and a light tube that allows for writing in dark environments. The Spy Pen also functions as a pen. The many accessories are easy to use and housed in a pen case.


The writing mechanism in the Spy Pen is similar to that of regular pens. To extend the writing mechanism, hold the pen and twist the tip to the left. The pen point will come out of the tip. Turn the tip of the pen to the right to retract the pen point.

The Spy Pen is packaged with an extra ink cartridge to replace the first one when the ink runs out. To install the replacement ink cartridge, pull on the pen tip to remove it from the casing. Unscrew the ink cartridge holder and place it to the side. Pull the ink cartridge out of the casing and dispose of it. Push the replacement ink cartridge into the casing and screw the holder back in place. Replace the pen cap by pushing it into the casing until it snaps in place.

Power Jack Accessories

The Spy Pen comes with several accessories that give the pen extra functionality not found in other pens. Many of the accessories are run by a battery-powered jack on the rear end of the pen. To expose the power jack, pull on the rear pen cap to remove it from the pen casing.

The motion sensor accessory sounds an alarm when motion is detected. To use the motion sensor, plug the accessory into the power jack and set the pen up in a well-lit environment, pointing the sensor at the area you want to monitor. The area must be bright, because the sensor operates based on changes in light. The alarm will go off for approximately two seconds each time the sensor is crossed.

The flash light accessory allows you to lighten dark environments. The flash light plugs directly into the power jack and begins working as soon as it is connected. To turn off the flashlight, remove the accessory from the power jack.

If you want to write in a dark environment, the Spy Pen supports a light tube that bends the straight light from the flash light accessory and illuminates a broader area. To use the light tube, insert it into the hole on the flash light accessory and twist the tube to lock it in place.

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