How to Solve Unscramble Words

By Kimberly Turtenwald
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Word scramble games can be difficult for some people to complete. When you see the scrambled word on the page, your brain has a tendency to see the "word" as it appears. You must train your brain to look at the letters and unscramble them into a word that makes sense. This can take a lot of practice and plenty of patience. As you practice, make use of specific strategies to help your brain sort the scrambled letters into an unscrambled word.

Separate the letters into consonants and vowels. Your brain often sees the scrambled word as a word itself. If you separate out the letters, your brain can more easily process potential words rather than focusing on the nonsense word.

Look for common letter combinations, such as "th," "qu" and "ly." Finding these common combinations can help you use the remaining letters to form a word.

Work slowly to allow your brain time to think and process what it sees. If you move too quickly, your brain is less likely to see anything other than the order printed on the page.

Write the letters down using a different pattern to help your brain see the letters in a new way. Sometimes seeing things in a new way presents an answer you could not see before.

Create possibilities for words. Study each one and determine if all of the proper letters are present to make the word. Sometimes when you brainstorm, the correct answer suddenly jumps into your head.

Practice as often as possible. The more practice you have with unscrambling words, the easier it will be for you. Once your brain is used to the process, you can find words with minimal effort.

Use an online word unscrambler if you become stuck. In some cases, you may not have access to a computer or it may be considered cheating. But if you are only practicing or playing a game by yourself, a word unscrambler can show you the answer. Once you know the answer, you can train your brain to see it in the scrambled letters to store for later use.

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