How to Solve Samurai Sudoku

By Cecelia Owens
Sudoku, a mental workout
Sudoku image by Claude Wangen from

A samurai Sudoku puzzle consists of five overlapping Sudoku grids. It follows the same rules as a regular Sudoku, but you have to make sure the other five Sudoku puzzles, including the overlapping pieces, interlocking blocks, columns and rows, are perfect. In a Sudoku puzzle, every row, column and block or each of the five grids must contain the numbers one to nine, according to the Samurai Sudoku Online website. The samurai Sudoku will give your brain a mental workout.

Fill in the puzzle. Use numbers one through nine to complete the puzzle. Once you use a number in the three by three grids, you cannot use that same number in the nine by nine rows or columns.

Think logically. Do not guess while trying to complete the samurai Sudoku, because guessing will lead to mistakes and over-thinking. Only enter a number once you are sure it is correct.

Solve the whole puzzle. Don't try to solve each of the five girds by themselves. Look at all five grids and solve the samurai Sudoku as a whole.

Complete grids that are almost full. The three by three grids that are almost done are the easiest to complete, because you have less numbers to choose from. Complete these grids first.

Look for numbers that appear frequently. It's easier to place these numbers, because there are fewer of them to place. Try to find where these frequent numbers should go.